Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Our Fixer Upper

Commence the drum rolls....

Are you drumming?

If you have followed my recent posts on this blog at all, then you know my husband and I are buying (we close next week) a 1890 farmhouse in need of cosmetic work and renovations. And I finally have pictures!! Yay!!

First, I have to warn you that the pics aren't the best because we took them with a phone in poor lighting, BUT they're good enough. Oh, and there are A LOT of them! Regardless, I'll post them all here with captions explaining which rooms they are. You may need to click on them to see better.

Front of the house obviously. The huge wraparound porch is actually a new addition to the home, as well as the new garage. The old garage was falling down, quite literally. These improvements were already made though. We did not do them.

Back of house. I love the look of the old wood siding, but there are so many spots that would need completely replaced where the wood has rotted. Plus, it's high maintenance, so we'll be going with vinyl. :)

Kitchen. Everybody that sees this in person loves it. We'll be keeping the brick, but ditching the appliances for new.

Will be getting new cabinets and granite FOR SURE!

This is in the kitchen, facing the entry door. You can see the brick on the right.

This will be our dining room.
Stairs leading to the upstairs.

It was hard to get a pic of this. It doesn't look like much but this is the downstairs bath. It's basically disassembled but we're taking the shower out that isn't finished yet (because there's no reason to have one downstairs if we don't even have a bedroom down there) and putting in a large linen/storage closet. We need storage more than we need a third shower. The cool part is that if we change our mind down the road, we can always take the closet wall back out. The plumbing is already there.

Sorry about the crap picture. This is the living room. We'll be closing in the doorway. It's hard to tell here but there's really no need for it.

Living room.


Same bedroom. Different angle.

Master bedroom with a cute little veranda off it.

It may be hard to tell but this junk filled, freshly dry-walled room will be our master bath.

Master bath again.

Hallway at the top of the stairs.

Have I mentioned yet that we haven't closed on it yet? Fingers crossed because the buyer for home, needs theirs to close without a hitch first. And then their buyer needs theirs to close, also, for this to happen and we just got word that closing is pushed back to Monday on all our houses. :( So... Let's hope this all goes through or we moved all our stuff for nothing and are putting a lot of effort into a house that is not ours. (PS - It is my father-in-laws farmhouse.) Talk about jumping the gun. Bahahaha! Also, I just realized we have no pics of the third bedroom or the back room off the living room. Plus, I only have that one of the master, so I'll have to get those. Needless to say, these weren't the best pics ever.  :)

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