I love to read. I've loved books since I was a child and blame my vivid imagination and my super human ability to escape into words as the culprit. I've done my fair share of writing and beta reading. I've worked in the book/publishing industry in one form or another for the last seven years and am currently taking editing courses to hone my skills and pursue a career in editing and fulfill my passion for writing and helping authors to make their books better! After all, who doesn't want better books?!?

I'm a mom, wife, daughter, sister, child of God, and friend. Hmmm... what else.... Here's a few things.

- My favorite time of day is dawn, when they sun is rising or just risen and the air is fresh and crisp. Nothing beats drinking a cup of coffee (or ten!) while watching the sun on the horizon.

- Sweets are my arch nemesis and my greatest love all wrapped up into one. They are the one and only thing between me and having the body of a Victoria's Secret supermodel bod. (Okay, maybe not. But still).

- I yo-yo exercise.
- I'm super indecisive
- And slightly obsessive.
- I've never been to New York City, but desperately want to go.
- My Bucket List is basically a huge list of places I want to travel before my time is up.
- Autumn is my favorite time of year.
- My dream/goal is to own a beach house by the time I turn 40.
- My favorite genres are: Women's Fiction, Young Adult, and Contemporary Romance.


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