Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Review of Romantic Suspense Novella Hanover House

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Prequel novella to the upcoming novel new Hanover House Chronicles (digital only).

Welcome to Hanover House….

Psychiatrist Evelyn Talbot has dedicated her life to solving the mysteries of the psychopathic mind. Why do psychopaths act as they do? How do they come to be? Why don’t they feel any remorse for the suffering they cause? And are there better ways of spotting and stopping them?

After having been kidnapped, tortured and left for dead when she was just a teenager—by her high school boyfriend—she’s determined to understand how someone she trusted so much could turn on her. So she’s established a revolutionary new medical health center in the remote town of Hilltop, Alaska, where she studies the worst of the worst.

But not everyone in Hilltop is excited to have Hanover House and its many serial killers in the area. Alaskan State Trooper, Sergeant Amarok, is one of them. And yet he can’t help feeling bad about what Evelyn has been through. He’s even attracted to her. Which is partly why he worries.

He knows what could happen if only one little thing goes wrong…

From Sweet Dreams Boxed Set

The Hanover House Chronicles
Coming September 2016



Wow. So, I've decided. HANOVER HOUSE is the literary equivalent to foreplay. Yup, I said it. Now let me explain.

HANOVER  HOUSE is quite literally the prelude to Brenda Novak's upcoming novel, WHITEOUT and it does its job quite well. The novella warmed me up, got me ready and excited for the new book--the real shebang. It made me want more, leaving me the slightest bit unsatisfied at the end, simply because I can't wait to read the full book NOW. But I have to. I must wait until September when the final event, the big climax, the cosmic BOOM.... er, ah... I mean, the actual book comes out! The prequel got me amped up and ready to go, so kudos to Ms. Novak because I am typically leery of prequels. Since they are unnecessary to the actual novel and just written to garner interest, a lot of times they're boring or the characters forced. HANOVER HOUSE was neither of those.

The premise for this series, being psychopaths and a former victim of one bent on puzzling together the psychotic mind, is fascinating. The writing was great and well paced and I enjoyed the subtle romance that started to bloom here between Evelyn (the MC) and the hunky Alaskan state trooper. It actually didn't feel forced to me and the characters felt real, which can be rare in shorter works.

Overall, I thought this was fantastic and I am excited to read WHITEOUT when it releases. Because of this book, I'm also very likely to pick up one of Brenda Novak's other books in the future.

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

5 of 5 stars

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