Saturday, November 14, 2015

Renovations and Progress

I know. I know. I have neglected you. Yes, I have posted reviews, but I have yet to post more about my ongoing 1885 farmhouse renovations. I like to think I have an excuse though. Between part time work with my small business and school stuff for the kids, these renovations have kept me so busy I barely have time to breath. But alas, I have at least some photos for you.

So, when we started this reno, we had a HUGE list of things to do. One of the biggest things was dry wall repair on the old plaster walls. It was a chore but the guy we had do it was great and it looks fantastic! I apologize ahead of time for the photos. They aren't the greatest but I promise to provide amazing pics when everything is all said and done.

So this was the dining room before we did anything...

I wish you could see the cracks in the walls but, unfortunately, they didn't show up in the pics.

Here is after...

This room mostly needed cosmetic repair. We repaired the cracked walls and painted everything. We also wired and hung a light, as you can see. Oh, but those are new windows you see! The photos really don't do this justice. The windows made an absolutely huge difference! The old ones were single pane and painted shut.

I actually loved the original wood and glass door you see in the above pics, but it didn't seal. Plus, it had a skeleton key lock, which was unusable, so we had to replace it. I'm still hoping to use the doors somehow, I just haven't come up with anything yet. In the meantime, we replaced the door as you can see here below. And, boy, was that a chore!!! The frame it came on didn't fit, so my husband and father-in-law had to basically build one using the existing frame. (This was after a ton of speculation and warning that we may have to tear off the woodwork and basically destroy the walls!!) Buuuuttt they made it work. Yahoo! The old door was an odd size though and way longer than modern doors. It would've cost a fortune to get one custom made to fit exactly, so we had to put a trim piece to fill the gap. That's the wood you see above because I haven't painted it yet.

Now, do you remember the master bath? It was basically just a blank canvas. Well, sort of blank. It was a dry walled room filled with tools and equipment. Here's a reminder:

We put the corner tub in. Woot woot!

I have to say that my husband did an amazing tile job. Grouting this was awful though! Ugh!

Isn't it gorgeous?

So, I definitely have more photos to post and updates on progress, but this is what I've got for now. Currently, we're doing too many things at once to even list. This is what it's been like since we've moved in, but our biggest ongoing project is the kitchen. We're doing some wall repair, we tore out the old (nasty!) cupboards, tiled the floor (that was awful!) painted some brick and are now awaiting our new cabinets next week. I will try to post full photos about this tomorrow! 

PS - I also have several reviews to list! Ugh! Time. I need more time!

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