Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review of New Adult Romance When the Stars Align


For Josephine "Jo" Kramer, nothing has ever been easy. When she earns a summer internship in Puerto Rico, working at one of the world's preeminent scientific facilities, she'll let nothing distract her. Not her own insecurities, not the arrogant scientists, and definitely not her tall, chiseled research partner, Adam. 

For Adam McCay, physics is simple-it's women who are complicated. Especially brilliant, beautiful ones like Jo. From the moment they meet, he can feel the heat smoldering deep beneath her icy exterior. And Adam knows just what it will take to make Jo melt . . .

Under the endless stars of a tropical sky, Jo and Adam indulge their every desire. But as their internship comes to an end, their perfect island paradise is threatened. Was their time together a summer fling? Or is their passion hot enough to last the long winter nights?



I really, really enjoyed this book. It starts out with Jo, who's sort of this punk, tattooed, pierced-up chick who goes on a summer research internship for astronomy, which is really competitive. She's got baggage. No mother and problems with her dad, etc, which lends itself in her closed-off, tough demeanor, and appearance. But Adam also happens to be another student in the internship and he is Jo's complete opposite. He's clean-cut, friendly, and perhaps lets people in too easily and then doesn't want to let go.

The writing was absolutely great and I truly felt like I got to know the characters. In fact, the character development was really refreshing, as I think that is one factor that is lacking in a lot of current New Adult Romance, where you only feel like you get to know the characters only on a superficial level. So, kudos to Ms. Grey for that! I was engrossed in this book and didn't want to put it down and I liked that it didn't start with these Jo and Adam immediately jumping into bed together. (Take note, authors, make us wait for it!) But once they did, it was HOT!

Overall, I loved it. I will definitely look for more titles by this author and publisher.

5 of 5 stars!

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