Friday, July 24, 2015


So, I've had this blog awhile and have yet to post anything personal. Instead, only posting book-ish things. Hence the title. ;)  But someone recently said I should change that, so here I go...

I'm an early thirty-something woman. Mother of two. Wife. Friend to few. Sister. Daughter. Blogger. Crazed reader and caffeine addict, who fancies a bit of wine now and then. (No, I'm not from the UK, but I am reading a cute UK book at the moment.) Anyway... Half the time, I feel like I still have no idea who I really am, even after 30-some-odd years, while at other times, I know exactly the person I have become. This vacillation from one day to the next makes me a great headcase half the time. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm the only one this nuts- if maybe I'm some sort of anomaly and by now most people have it completely together, comfortable in their own skin and sure of who they are, fitting into themselves seamlessly each day like a favorite pair of worn jeans. Maybe I am an exception, unlike these secure women (and men). I was musing over this today, when I decided to write this blog. 

So, that's me in a nutshell. lol and I just realized I said basically nothing about myself. Ha!

That's it for now though.

Happy Reading!

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