Thursday, July 16, 2015

Guest Review: Hide Me


Sometimes it's easier to run...

Ripped apart by guilt and grief, nineteen-year-old Whit Conrad grabs her stuff and runs from her super-conservative home and family in Pennsylvania and hauls ass for sunny California. All she wants is escape. Now she has a craptastic apartment, a job at a tattoo parlour, and even a friend-who's-mostly-benefits. Then she meets a sexy, inked, surfer-dude who has the potential of capsizing everything...

Deo Beckett is adrift. Underemployed and over-boozing, Deo knows he should be doing something more with his life. Being something more. All it takes is a pin-up hottie with a smart mouth—and a bruised soul—to force Deo to start looking below the surface. To wonder if there's more to life than being a beach bum. Now he's falling for Whit...and hard.

But Whit ran from home for a reason, and she'll go to any lengths to keep Deo from learning the truth...

*previously released under Lengths in 2012


First, let me say I feel a little torn and confused by this book. I think the reason for that my overall feelings on it was just--meh, it's okay--when I feel like I should've really liked it. Honestly, I had planned on writing this review by first covering the things I really liked about the book, following it up with things I disliked, but I feel like I can't even do that. I wouldn't recommend this book, necessarily, but I wouldn't not recommend it either. Does that make sense? It was an okay. The premise was decent. The  characters okay. It was a little slow for me. The two main characters meet and are instantly attracted to each other and there's a bit of that insta-love thing going on, which I can get past, but then the book just seems to stall a bit. I'm not sure what exactly was off about it, except that for me there was just something missing.

If you enjoy new adult novels, don't mind insta-love connection, or a slow moving plot (that sounds worse than I intended) then you wouldn't mind this book and may really enjoy it. 

*I was given a copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

~ 3 stars

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