Monday, July 27, 2015

Old Farmhouse Projects, Renovations, and General Craziness!

Okay, so I might just be crazy.

Let that sink in....

In three short weeks, I will be moving out of my house, which is a great house--pretty, beautiful property, fairly easy to upkeep... Oh, and finished, like, complete. Ready to move in. With floors and stuff... Did I mention finished? Yeah, anyway, I'm moving OUT of that house and into an 1890 farmhouse that needs mostly an overhaul. It could be worse, I suppose. The plumbing is all new, the electric updated, new furnaces, and new septic, so no worries on the big things, but it needs siding and windows. The walls are old lath and plaster (not drywall), so most of them need crack repairs. The kitchen needs gutted, the old floors torn up, leveled, and replaced. The garage needs dry-walled. We have two bathrooms in disrepair and major dry wall work that needs done in portions of the upstairs, with trim that needs replaced. And half the house probably hasn't been painted since the homes' inception...say...1890, maybe?

So, yeah. In two weeks, that's what I'll be working on. And did I mention, there's a majorly yuck-o, old house smell. And anyone that knows me, knows I have thing with funky house smells...or funky smells in general... Yippie! I'm just hoping and praying that once we gut the kitchen, put new sub floor down and paint kills on every available surface that said odor fades. I mean, the floors are unsealed and probably original, so those puppies gotta be holding in the stank, right?

Anyway, my point is.. .Wait, did I have a point? Oh, yeah! Right. The point is we went over to the farmhouse the other night because we are planning on employing our neighbor and good friend to help paint, and as I walked around the house, I found myself thinking, What. The. Hell. Did I get myself into?

So, if I'm not mental yet, check back on this blog because in the coming weeks, I may just be there. And next time, I will have pictures. Yes, pictures! That will be fun. If nothing else, at least I can document our house renovation project. That will be cool. So, if you like that kind of thing, be sure to stick around. There will be plenty to document!


  1. Wow! Moving in and renovating a very old house? That sounds a lot of work to do, but I hope that you're having a great time too, despite all those tasks you had in hand. I hope to see photo updates of it soon. Have a great day!

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

    1. Hi Robyn! I did post some photos. Did you see them? Admittedly they weren't great because they were taken from a phone, but I will continue to update with better pics! Thanks for dropping by!


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